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Regenerative Blower

Regenerative blowers are the ideal solution for moving large volumes of air at low pressures or vacuums.
They are a fluid machinery that is widely used and applied in industrial sectors where high air pressure is needed. It is often known as pressure and vacuum pumps, industrial compressors, side channel or ring blowers. The blower has its various appearances, configurations, and sizes depending on blower performances.
Recently, these blowers are often used as part of an industrial equipment and machine for air supply purposes. Common applications of the blower are pneumatic conveying systems, parts handling with vacuum systems, packaging, sewage treatment systems, fish pond aeration, powder transportation, printing, and etc


  • Compact
  • Lightweight & Corrosion
  • 100% Lead Free Paint
  • Made with Recycled Aluminum
  • Energy efficient inverter duty motors

Operating Principle

– The Air or Gas is pulled by rotating the impeller into a side channel through the air inlet and is accelerated by an impeller rotating inside the impeller chamber. The resulting pressurized air is discharged through the exhaust outlet.

– The impeller is mounted directly on the electric motor shaft and rotates at the motor’s nominal speed which varies for each blower. The impeller consists of numerous radial blades on the circumference of the impeller. The number, size and angle of these blades contribute to the pneumatic performance (flow vs. pressure /vacuum) characteristics of each blower.  The impeller spins within a housing that consists of an inboard and outboard “channel” (hence the term side channel blower). As the impeller passes the inlet port, air is drawn in.  As the impeller rotates, air is captured between each blade on the impeller and is pushed both outward and forward into the channels.  The air then returns to the base of the blade. This process is repeated over and over as the impeller spins.  It is this regeneration that gives the blower its pressure / vacuum capabilities and its more common name. In essence, a regenerative blower operates like a staged reciprocal compressor and while each blade-to-blade regeneration “stage” results in only slight pressure increases.


  • Our blowers are GREEN
  • Oil-Free Air
  • Energy Efficient
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Provide Low Acoustical Noise Levels