How can I contact Pacific Blowers?

You can email us at info@pacificblowers.com, or write to us at 8403 NW 68Th ST – Miami – FL 33166 – United States.
Can I use the same BLOWER to generate pressure or vacuum?

Yes, it can be used for both sucking as well as blowing.
Is the BLOWER’S performance the same for both pressure and vacuum?

No, the BLOWER’S performance is higher when used for pressure and lower when used for vacuum.
Can the BLOWER be installed and used in 50Hz and 60Hz?

Yes, the blower was developed to be utilized in both 50Hz and 60Hz.
Is the BLOWER’S performance the same for both 50Hz and 60Hz?

No, usually the performance is 20% lower if it is installed in 50Hz as opposed to 60Hz.
Which one is better, 50Hz or 60Hz?

The primary difference between 50 Hz and 60 Hz is that the latest is 20% higher in frequency, which will cause the speed of the induction motor and generator to be higher when compared to 50Hz.
How do I become a reseller or distributor for Pacific Blowers in my region?

If you are interested in becoming a reseller or distributor, please email us at info@pacificblowers.com and tell us your plans as well as where you like to represent us.
What is the BLOWER’S warranty?

The warranty is one year from the purchase date for any manufacture defects as it is stated in the Owner’s manual on page 13.
What is the BLOWER’S maintenance?

You should clean at least once every month the noise absorbing foam used in mufflers and the motor as well as the blower itself. Filter must be replaced at least twice a year, and mufflers should be checked on a monthly basis. Lubrication Interval To lubricate the bearings, the roller contact bearings and the adjacent bearing housing should have the used grease removed and replaced with fresh grease. About 50 percent of the roller balls should be filled. No more than 65 percent of the adjacent bearing housing should be filled. Sealed bearings should be replaced within the listed conditions below with new bearings ***** See chart on page 10 of the Owner’s Manual***
How do I install the BLOWER correctly?

Please see pages 2 through 6 of the Owner’s Manual.
Can I use the BLOWER without an inlet filter?

It is not recommended as any dirt particle that gets inside the blower will damage the impeller, which will cause it to stop working and warranty loss.
Can I install more than 1 BLOWER in parallel to increase the perfomance and air flux needed for my project?

Yes, you can install 2 or more BLOWERS in parallel to obtain bigger results so you can meet the needs of your project.
Can I install the three-phase models in 220V, 230V, 240V, 380V, 415V, 440V, 460V or 480V?

Yes, you can install the blower in different electric voltages according to the diagrams contained on the label inside the electric installation compartment. 50Hz Three-phase (220V ~ 415V) 60Hz Three-phase (230V ~ 480V)
How do I reduce the BLOWER’S noise?

You can install an additional silencer or in some cases an enclosure sound proof (acoustic box) according to your needs.
Which problems can happen with my BLOWER and how should I proceed?

Please consult page 12 of the Owner’s Manual.
What is the recommendation for the electric installation?

Please consult page 6, items 1-5 of the Owner’s Manual.
How should the environment be for the BLOWER’S installation?

The environment should be the cleanest possible to avoid dirt going inside.
Can I replace another brand and model for a BLOWER from Pacific?

Yes, we can guide you and help find the best model to replace your old BLOWER.
What is the difference between single stage and double stage?

The difference is that single stage only has one impeller, while double stage has two.
What is your deadline to answer a quote request?

We will answer within 48 hours of the request’s receipt.
Do you ship anywhere inside the United States and worldwide?

Yes, we ship nationally and internationally through different methods and shipping prices according to our clients necessities.
What is the BLOWER’S Nema Insulation class?

Class F
What are the BLOWER’S IP Nema enclosures?

IP54 and IP55
What does IP 54 mean?

IP 54 is a grading usually marked on the products that are to be used in extreme conditions (Outdoor).The IP rating of any product specifies how resistant the device is to foreign objects and moisture. IP stands for Ingress Protection, meaning its ability to stand in extreme weather conditions.
What is a TEFC enclosure?

A Totally Enclosed, Fan-Cooled (TEFC) electric motor is a type of industrial motor with an enclosure that does not permit outside air to freely circulate through the interior of it.This means that the motor is dust tight, and has a moderate water seal as well.
Which standard criteria were considered to describe the performance value of the BLOWERS?

The performance was measured under 20º c air temperature and 1,013 mbar pressure.The allowable tolerance of performance value is +- 10%. The sound level was measured at a distance of 1.5m with the fully open inlet and outlet ports.
What is the useful life of BLOWER?

The blowers can run in 20,000hours under normal operating conditions. NOT OVERLOAD OPERATION. (Ambient Condition: Temperature: -20°C~40°C, Relative Humidity: 80%)
When should I change my BLOWER bearings?

The bearing must be replaced or filled with grease in accordance with the bearing replacement cycle. It is as follows: 1. Grease replacement term of normal load operation.
Using time Replacement
8Hour/Day 2Year
12Hour/Day 1Year
24Hour/Day 6Month
Overload Operation 3Month
What grease should I use to lubricate my BLOWER? And in what period should I lubricate?

High temperature, high speed grease. Recommended NLGI Grade N3. Recommended Fat: UNIREX N3

If your question is not on our list, we will be happy to answer any question you have, just send us your question to info@pacificblowers.com